Taking the Pulse of Your Team with 6Q Surveys

At 6Q, we understand that effective employee feedback is crucial for building an engaged, productive workforce. That’s why we’ve designed our employee survey platform to be flexible, user-friendly, and insightful.

Extensive Question Library and DIY Options

Expert quality library

Our question library containse over 200 professional survey questions written by HR experts.

Multi-lingual support

Choose from one of five languages to suit your team: English, French, Hindi and more

Even more flexibility

Create custom questions tailored to your unique organisation’s needs

Any language

You can use any language that is not predefined and have your own question library

Designed for High Response Rates

Quick and Easy

6Q surveys are designed to be completed quickly – most employees finish in under 2 minutes


Survey creators can choose to make surveys anonymous to allow for more open feedback

Fast response

The simple rating scale makes giving feedback easy on any device and doesn’t require any additional apps

No login required

Employees can give their feedback without having to login on their devices. They can simply tap the link in the invite email

Survey on a phone

Flexible and Frequent Survey Cadence

Flexible Scheduling

From sending your surveys once a week to every quarter, you can precisely control how often your team need to respond. You can even send ad hoc surveys

Precise time control

No one knows your team better than you. Choose the day and time to precisely control when to send survey requests to your team

More insights

Multiple surveys

Create short weekly pulse or quarterly deep questionnaires and minimise survey fatigue by asking only what’s necessary

Multiple segments

Create cohorts of your employees and send surveys to relevant groups only. Analyse results as a whole or by team, department or location

Qualitative feedback

In addition to the quantitative ratings, employees can provide additional context through written comments. These qualitative insights shed light on the “why” behind the scores.

Easy to start

You can start by engaging with one team or department and gradually adding more and more teams when you’re ready.

With these powerful yet simple mechanics, 6Q surveys provide a rich ongoing dialogue between employees and leadership. Start getting actionable insights from your team today with 6Q

See for yourself how 6Q helps boost employee engagement, create positive company culture and increase employee retention and profits. Get started free.