Media & Awards

We have truly been humbled by the accolades and media attention we have received since our launch.

6Q gives businesses the chance to understand how their employees feel and why, by gathering feedback in a fun, meaningful and actionable way that makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

Innovation Awards

June 2016 Finalist, Tech Startup Award, ANZIA 2016

Nov 2015 Winner, Startup Category, Australian Web Awards

Nov 2015 Winner, Social Media category, Australian Web Awards

May 2015 Top 50 winner, SMART100 Awards

Recent Coverage

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Further articles

We regularly publish articles and opinion on our blog, Inside 6Q. All articles are available for reprint; please contact us.

Media Kit

We’ve collated a few materials to help you in writing about us, which is available here. These include;

  • Screenshots
  • Photographs
  • Branding documents
  • Company overview

If you require any other materials, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Media Kit

All media requests can be sent directly to:

Miles Burke

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