5 Surprising Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Engagement

Employee morale is an integral aspect of a company’s success. The morale of the workers determines the level of engagement, which directly translates to the level of output per unit time within the office.

Employers should, therefore, check on the employee morale and engagement levels. The lack of confidence and disengagement at the workplace may arise for various reasons. Take, for example, undelivered promises by the employer, absentee team supervisors, and lack of concern for the workers’ welfare.

According to Jeff Wright, HR Director at SolidEssay, most employees have seldom created the necessary environment of motivation and gratification that can propel the companies to greater heights regarding the achievement of organisational goals.

As companies operate, they must therefore critically analyse the question “what keeps their employees motivated and engaged in the workspace.”

Over the years, motivation mainly called to minds mundane and external things such as promotions, wage rise, trophies, and trips. All these are things that create a given status quo or fame for the employee. Nevertheless, most companies seem to miss the fact that the workers are social beings with much more needs to boost their morale than the external rewards.

These external motivations, however, do not last as long as they do not validate the worker internally. They are, thus, ephemeral and might not go a long way in improving the workers engagement levels. After all, it’s no rumour that the thrill of a reward only lasts for a short while and then the employees resort to their initial state.

Given this, it is therefore essential to evaluate what indeed promotes employee engagement. What are the real means of worker motivation? What can make the thrill of motivation last? Moreover, what might keep the workers engaged for long?

The following are, therefore, some ways how an employer can surprisingly increase the intrinsic motivation as well as the engagements levels of employees.

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Create a flexible work system that mainly results oriented

“A flexible system increases the choices that workers have as concerns the output and means of working on the assigned duties,” explains Martin Spencer, Sr. Specialist Training and Resources at ConfidentWriters.

Most workers fear direct supervision as it keeps them from optimally performing on the assigned tasks. Giving people the freedom to work on setting goals and deadlines without micromanaging their input is thus a great way of improving trust and keeping the employees engaged in the duties at hand.

The ability to choose what they want further makes the employees autonomous and active, boosting satisfaction and job commitment. A committed worker is, therefore, highly engaged in the achievement of organisational goals.

Hold regular team building events

Team building events create time for the management and employees to socialise and figure out some of the essential means of improving company output. Such opportunities further increase the level of engagement among employees as they feel that the managers care about them.

“The degree of relationship between the manager and the worker, therefore, dramatically determines the engagement levels of the worker in the workplace,” notes Amanda Sheridan, Regional Human Resources Director at Paper-Research.

To improve engagement levels, employers should thus purpose to spend more time with their staff.

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Have surprise gifts for the employees when necessary

Going in and out of the office every day to sit at the desk and go over the same routine every day may prove to disengage. Research has demonstrated that surprise gifts from employers to workers motivates and keeps them engaged on the job.

It is thus advisable to gift a random employee something as simple as a smoothie. After all, what may go wrong in giving somebody a smoothie to boost his or her work morale?

Encourage innovation and suggestions from employees

Communication levels in a firm go a long way in the attainment of the company success. It is essential for managers to encourage inputs form workers on how to improve the company scope or handle a particular task.

According to Brian Goldman, Human Resources Analyst at SwifPapers, when employees are quizzed over what they may love for the company, then excellent suggestion come to light that improves the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Such interactions enhance the relationship between the duos and further increase the work engagement levels. Nevertheless, encouraging innovation also improves worker commitment levels to a firm.

Harness self-initiative to keep the employees motivated and engaged

A great way of boosting employee morale is by sparking self-initiative programs. The more a manager harnesses self-initiative, the much motivated the employees become and the higher the worker morale.

An ideal means to boost their morale is thus to allow them to feel engaged in the attainment of the organisational goals.

Hedonic adaptations limit the thrill of worker motivation. This concept reminds that we, human beings, tire from even the best of what they have today. It is, thus, essential to take into consideration the value of intrinsic motivation and its achievement.

Under the intrinsic motivation, employees tend to act for no outward rewards or trophies. These workers work due to the engagement that results from the internal gratification of doing the right thing. Intrinsic motivation gets the workers think about what they want and how to achieve it.

Such workers are likely to make plans and targets to help them gain work deadlines and beat company targets without much supervision. Intrinsic motivations, thus, have a direct correlation to the engagement levels of the workers.


It is essential to question the origin of this kind of motivation as well as some of the actions that can lead to improved worker motivation and engagement levels.

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