5 Tips About How You Can Improve Your Career Development

We all know people with a successful career. They are entrusted with the most interesting tasks, they are given powers that are not available to colleagues, and they are the first to be promoted to the top positions.

There is no accidental coincidence. Luck appears when opportunities correspond to readiness.

Most likely, a person with an enviable career is actively working to move in the right direction. Let’s find out what to do and in what direction to move in order to improve your career.

Find a mentor

For a qualitative rise in the career, find a mentor. It can be your leader, the head of the neighbouring department or even your friend. If you don’t have a potential mentor in your network, ask your leadership to pair employees with mentors. When you’re paired, learn from him, ask to point out your mistakes and show new horizons.

Do not think that no one will tell you anything: everyone is flattered when they are asked about work, what they are doing and how they came to this.

Build a network of contacts

You need a job that does not interfere but directly requires building a network of contacts, getting to know people, discussing professional topics. The development of a network of professional contacts is facilitated by participation in professional communities, conferences, seminars, commercial projects, in which many people are involved.

How many phone numbers of colleagues do you have in your notebook, with whom you can discuss professional issues? You should have more than 150 for the beginning.

Read books on self-development

The leader should be the best among equals, an open person who can listen and understand the subordinate, say “no” on time, be able to work in multitasking mode and find a way out of various situations.

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Therefore, you have to read and, in order to grow faster, read a lot – books on psychology, motivation, management, influence, oratory, time planning. It’s good to read 25-30 books a year, and it’s doable.

Also, a good addition to the self-development program will be the attendance of pieces of training on developing their leadership skills. Training with a practical program is especially good. You should attend at least 2-3 training sessions per year, and do not wait until they are offered to you.

Self development books

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Be useful, but replaceable

Do your job well, but do not close it on yourself. The best way to save a place is to confuse things so that no one even thinks of replacing you. For the careerist, on the contrary, you must be useful, but easily replaceable.

Firstly, you are more likely to be promoted in your company if your business can be transferred to the successor without any problems. Put yourself in the place of your leadership, will it promote a person who has closed everything on himself? The leadership is simply scared to think about what will happen when this person leaves the position where he is currently working.

Secondly, the order in work tells your superiors that you are psychologically ready at any time to go to another company if a profitable proposal comes. You do not worry about your position. So, the bosses need to think about how to hold you and promote you, until you leave.

Regularly change the place of work

For a career, it is useful to change work regularly. Of course, one should not be a flyer. Come to the project, work for three months and, not finishing, go to a new place – it’s unlikely that this approach will decorate your reputation. But to come, do a project, and then, after successful completion, go to a new one is a great strategy.

The employer usually enjoys a natural human reluctance to change something in his life. A careerist must be ready for the change. Promotion is the change that we are striving for. You need to train yourself to regularly move to a higher position. If the company you are working at, gives you this opportunity, it’s fine, if not, then you need to look for another company.

When you are dismissed, you go to look for a new position. Dismissal is an absolute basis for job search. For a true careerist, the same unconditional basis for finding a job should be the backlog in promotion from the goals that he has formulated himself.


The way of the leader is a difficult road, as one has to constantly leave the comfort zone, be able to make complex decisions and take responsibility for them when everyone around is silent. The leader of our time is a disciplined person, moderately talkative, able to listen, initiative and responsibility.

Remember that it’s always within your power to make yourself on your own.

About the author

After graduating from the Faculty of Psychology, Emily Watts was engaged in science and teaching at Eduzaurus. A year ago she finished the courses of coaches, and now she is a coach for self-development and career issues for students and young people.

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Team 6Q