5 Steps to Find and Attract the Perfect Candidates

Finding the right candidate and attracting them to accept the offer is often times a challenging process for many recruiters. The recruitment market is very competitive nowadays, which puts recruiters in the situation to dig for ideas to find and attract the perfect candidates for their open jobs.

Whether they are searching for employees on social media or they are creating a pool of good candidates in advance, recruiters face a lot of difficulties along the recruiting and hiring process. This article is going to show you which steps to follow to find and attract the perfect candidates for your company.

Define the ideal candidate

How does the perfect candidate look like? There are many definitions for “perfectionism”, and this can make the recruitment process even more challenging. Before you start writing the job description, you should brainstorm about the skills that the perfect candidate should possess.

Having a clear checklist of professional and soft skills will help you sort the high amount of resumes you will receive for the job. In addition, you should also talk to the existing employees and discover what they like the most about working in the company.

Once you will have the face-to-face interviews it will be very easy for you to determine whether the respective candidate has the personality and openness to become a part of the team he will join.

What is more, the discussions with the current employees will help you create an appealing job description by inserting real examples of activities and key benefits that will attract future candidates.

Write a clear and comprehensive job description

The first thing that candidates check before they apply to a job is the job description. It will help them understand if they have the necessary skills required by that position and if they really want to work for that company.

Therefore, the job description is decisive in making the first impression for a potential candidate. If you want to attract candidates, then your job description should contain the following:

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  • Add details of how a typical day at the job looks like
  • Clearly explain whether the candidate should submit any additional materials when he sends his application
  • Explain how the top management measures the team’s and individual performance
  • Why candidates should choose your company
  • Who is the contact person in case the candidate has any additional questions
  • The steps the candidate will follow during the hiring process
  • You can add a relevant video presenting the company’s activities or the department to which the candidate is going to join

Above all these, you shouldn’t forget to add details on the company’s vision and mission. You can also prepare a set of questions which will you whether the candidate is able to follow the company’s mission and values.

Get in touch with potential candidates in advance

When an opening appears in a company, the department that gets the biggest pressure is HR. They will have to meet tight deadlines and find the right candidate for the job and meet the manager’s requirements.

However, it happens often times that the right candidate doesn’t appear so quickly and this will trigger a lot of frustration inside the department, plus extra work for existing employees as they will have to replace the vacant position for a temporary period. So, instead of going through all this process, it is better to have a pool of candidates in advance.

How do you do it? The first step is to spread the word about your company’s benefits and collect resumes from interested potential candidates. What is more, once there is an opening in the company, you can ask existing employees to share your job posts on their social media accounts or to recommend them to their friends and relatives who might be interested in the position.

In addition, you can make it more appealing for your employees and offer them generous incentives in case they recommend a candidate who turns out to be the right fit for the job.

Finally, you can keep a list with all the past candidates who made a good impression but didn’t get hired for various reasons. You can stay in touch with them and send them regular emails and letters to update them with the current vacancies.

Optimise your career page

When a candidate reaches your website, this means that he is already interested in working for your company. Therefore, your website should act as your business card and convince him that he should submit his resume right away.

So, if you want to make a first good impression, you should keep your company’s presentation page optimised and updated. Furthermore, the career page should be also optimised and help candidates easily find the right positions for them.

In addition, you can attract new candidates by adding short videos with the testimonials of existing employees or fun photos from events organised inside the company. Moreover, you can also add a short introduction of the team, by adding a photo of each member and a short phrase which describes them the most.

find and attract perfect candidates

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Make applying easy

There are many companies on the market who make the applying process difficult. This can scare many candidates away as some of them might find it too difficult to apply, while others consider that if the application is so difficult, the same will be their life as an employee of that company. Therefore, if you want to attract candidates, you should help them submit their resume with a simple click.

When you create the application system, you should make it easy not only for recruiters but also for candidates. If you still want to introduce additional filters for potential candidates from the submission step, you can make it fun by using phrases and a design which is both user-friendly and efficient.

If you feel that you lack the resources to find and attract the perfect candidates, you can always use professional tools to help you. For example, you can use writing tools like TopWritersReview to help you write the most engaging and appealing job description.

In addition, you can collaborate with professional headhunters and recruitment agencies who already have a wide pool of candidates which you can interview.

However, even though you use external tools and professionals to help you in the selection process, you should always have a direct conversation with the potential candidates. This will help you create a connection with them and make them trust you and choose your company as the ideal employer for their needs.

In Summary

Following these five main points will ensure that you find and attract the perfect candidates with ease.

  • Define the ideal candidate
  • Write a clear and compelling job description
  • Get in touch with potential candidates in advance
  • Optimise your career page
  • Make applying easy

Follow these steps and all the best!


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