How Employee Pulse Surveys Can Benefit HR Managers

Employee pulse surveys have found their way firmly into the business world. Through organisational adoption, the ability to capture a quick snapshot into employee opinions, employee pulse surveys can benefit all areas of an organisation.

As a HR manager, you should know how these surveys work and how exactly they’ll benefit your office.

Being a fairly recent tool in which organisations are using. Employee pulse surveys have found themselves being useful for all kinds of businesses and industries. For managers especially, who run teams and operations at ground level, pulse surveys serve a valuable purpose.

Being easy to set up, pulse surveys are simple in more ways than one. They’re generally a quick 5-10 questions and provide organisational leaders valuable insights. For all of the HR managers out there, find out how employee pulse surveys can benefit you, along with your team.


Given pulse surveys are short, they can be filled out quickly with little interruption. Since they are generally only 5-10 questions they provide a snapshot into the employee’s thoughts. Since it’s only a snapshot, it’s done quickly and only on topics which are most prominent. Time is money, so time saved is money that stays in the manager’s budget.





Ensures anonymity

To get the best results, the people taking the survey need to feel comfortable answering honestly. To do this, let them know that it’s completely anonymous. By doing this, you’ll get the most accurate results. With this, you’ll get the most accurate reading of the office pulse.

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Remember, you want them to feel free to say what they want to or feel they need to. Ideally, you wouldn’t need this, but let’s be honest, in the real world this doesn’t work.

Shareable results

For every survey, there are results. So ensure you show the whole team the results gathered from their surveys. Regardless of positive or negative, it’s important to be transparent with the team and communicate thusly. By showing them the results, it shows you trust them and allows you to discuss ways to improve.

Improved employee engagement

Asking your team for regular feedback encourages higher employee concentration and engagement. Given that higher employee engagement reaps rewards for the organisation, it’s clear that they’re important for employers.

Engagement has been for a long time, hard to measure and to some degree, it still is. However, employee pulse surveys can benefit managers in more ways. They allow for a visual representation of how engaged their employees are at work.

Add to the company culture

A strong company culture is something that all organisations strive for. Because each office want their culture, staff and work quality to be ‘on-brand’ for them. Still, getting a great corporate culture doesn’t just happen. However we know that to have a good culture, one must have a happy and trusting team.

This is where employee pulse surveys come in. Due to their ability to be transparent and provide the much wanted feedback to the employees. Pulse surveys serve a great purpose in the office.

Opens up employee and manager dialogue

There’s something to be said for an environment where two parties can communicate openly. Thankfully, employee pulse surveys can benefit these types of relationships between the manager and employee. You don’t have to have a relationship like a friend, with your team. However, a relationship where both parties can speak freely is something to strive for.

The employee pulse surveys can benefit to help open up the relationship between manager and your employees is through the trust factor. Given they’re disclosing information to you via the survey, they’re more likely to follow that trust up with a more open dialogue.

Allow for analysis through time

A good employee pulse survey can benefit managers by allowing them to see the timely progression between surveys. Whether that be positive or negative. Having the ability to view the results in a way that maps out the growth of the company, can add value and shows accurate progression. In clear terms, showing how your staff are improving and feeling in regards to the company.


Photo: WDnet Studio

Photo: WDnet Studio


Directs future engagement activities

Getting accurate results from surveys allow employers and managers alike to construct possible solutions, easier. By conducting the surveys, the best solution will come from understanding the problem as a whole. And with more responses, the future engagement activities can be more effective and targeted.

Gain a greater understanding of the team

Employee pulse surveys have on average, a higher response completion rate, when compared to normal surveys. HR managers can gain a fuller understanding of the work situation. With information available, managers can better understand their employees. With more open communication with employees with the possibility of more suggestions for the company, pulse surveys can enhance the culture of the office.

In Summary

There is a reason why more and more businesses are opting for employee pulse surveys.  For the manager, employee pulse surveys can benefit many areas of the office and subsequently the working life of the team. Benefiting workplace communications, happiness and general engagement, pulse surveys can make a good office great.

To communicate to your team with the ordinary survey can be time consuming and costly. So next time you need feedback, ideas or better engagement, try an employee pulse survey.


Glenn Symmons

Glenn Symmons