How to Encourage Your Team to have Passion for Work

Talent wins the game but passion and teamwork win the championship. Passion for work is an essential component to be happy and productive at work.

The passionate team strives for greater goals, establishes a better life and is an asset to the organisation.

You have to make sure that your teams’ ultimate thrust for work, can define how successful they may be in coming year-end results. Rest it is explained by researchers and experts that when a team prospers with passion, they achieve what’s right the best way.

As we know, that being a manager takes efforts but being a leader needs passion and teamwork. So, what if your team has everything to grow, but lacks in passion for work? If that’s so, then you need to know the right way to understand what’s lacking in their interest and motivation and bridge a gap with the real mantra.

The effect of real leadership lies in looking forward, with an approach to make things better and easier for your team. Forgetting this theory, what we lack most of the time, is our influence and effect to set the right mood at work. Maybe, as a manager you are bothered more about forming a strategy, setting goals or running scheduled meetings and still unable to meet quarter goals.

So, if such a case perturbs your mind, then you might need to change a few things in your attitude and by doing so, you can change the life of your teammates by filling them with passion and motivation.

The cause of greater motivation is satisfying work conditions and type. Most employees working in a team expect a greater level of support and work satisfaction from their bosses. Handling employees is a great skill that every senior should have to manage and maintain better productivity at work.

Besides, passion for work is mostly related to intrinsic motivation which refers to employee’s behaviour, effected by internal recognitions.

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But the question is that how do bosses reach there, Is It Better to Be a Nice Boss? Fortunately, this concern can be addressed with a few basic steps. Implementing these steps, the right way can pervade passion in your teams.

Manage your attitude at work

Being a boss one may want to control every situation but taking this attitude forward, one must know that your team needs to feel empowered too! To enjoy both responsibility and authority, it can make an employee feel engaged with work and bring ownership in attitude and if such exposure is given most times, then this creates a sense of passion for work.

As bosses, we might have suffered the occasion, where it becomes difficult to handle things alone, if you find such a situation in your daily supervision, then this is the right time to share your workload and keep an eye for observation.

This chance may make you realise that your subordinates have just the right skills to manage the delegated responsibility but this all can only be judged when you start working as a leader and let your teamwork as bosses with the right set of responsibility and authority. Following this will soon help you to find new champions in your teams.

Bring positive energy

There are frequent studies regarding the transmission of positive energy, which shows, that bringing positive and optimistic attitudes to work can result in greater benefits for the whole team and will secure an effective management style.

It can be seen in the organisations, that if a boss focusses on an employees’ strong and positive abilities, then they tend to ignite their passion for work, hence attaining better results and hitting the targeted goals. Positive attitude at work can make an influential change and will gradually impact your whole team to change for betterment.

As been quoted for years, that “most employees leave their bosses not the organisation”, this also got its significance with the lack of positive attitude at work. So, if one maintains the right behaviour, positive work culture and motivational work approach, then he or she can lead a passionate team at the workplace.

Show respect and gratitude

Showing regard to your subordinates in the team can make a great change in their thought process, about office and work. For bosses, it should be regular conduct to respect and greet employees in their team, irrespective of their work level.

This will create a positive loop in their minds and this positive feeling will make them more passionate about office work. Here are a few examples on how you may quote your sentences right to keep the right message flowing:

  • Thank You.
  • What is your opinion on this?
  • That’s a great thought.
  • Feel free to ask for my help.
  • You will be great at this job.
  • We will do it together and make our team proud.
  • My doors are open for you all.

This way you may start showing your respect and gratitude towards your subordinates, to make them feel worthy and a valued team member.

Passion for work

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Aligning personal and professional values

You being the boss have to be conscious of both, the employees’ personal values as well as organisational values and understanding both of these, it becomes your prime responsibility to align them in the right way to encourage substantial efforts and passionate approach of employees at work.

If you handle your team via remote access i.e.- telephonic/skype/video-conferencing etc., then make sure that you are motivating, praising, encouraging your team time to time for their good efforts.

Keep your team connected

It is essential that all your team members know and remember each other as their extended families and aren’t feel like cogs in a wheel. A clear or transparent communication channel can help to start this process. Your team in the office should have great feelings for other teammates and should be ready to support each other as and when needed.

Putting this plan to action, it is important to create camaraderie outside of the workplace which can act as a key for better bonding. As a manager, this will allow you to show that you as human value well-being and strong interpersonal relationships between and among everyone involved.

Taking this further, there are few organisations that provide team engagement budgets, if that’s relevant in your case, then you may take a step further with team activities such as dinners, retreats, events, cocktail time and other outings as per the team discussion.

In addition to all this, you as a manager should be conscious about your team members’ birthdays and anniversaries. This will build a better connection between employee, boss and work hence resulting in, better passion at the workplace.

Respect difference of opinion

Your team may have people from diverse backgrounds and there will be times when there will be disagreements among them. There will be occasions when you might not like a candidate that you hired due to difference of opinion at work. Honestly, a great team has a balance of opinion.

A team can have a mix of extroverts and introverts, extremely creative and extremely analytical thinkers, and a few in between, This can be a true benefit for you to explore without even letting them know and balancing their minds for being a team.

With a gamut of personalities, learnings and work styles in team one may see that one person may be lacking whereas another may excel in few skills.

This also allows fostering a culture of valuable collaboration that in the future can lead to growth, learning and usual integration of new members in the team.

In summary

These are a few steps through which you may make everyone in your team feel valued and worthy to work. You must remember, that your subordinates are humans and what integrates and motivates humans is integration, better connections and appreciation at work.

Most importantly, you must keep everyone connected to the project mission and not just a day to day information and work.

Passion in teams is like igniting the fire, the better source you will be as a boss, the best it will be ignited. The attitude of an employee can be shaped as per the culture of the organisation. To motivate and polish employees for better results, you as a manager have to become a prolific leader who understands what his team needs and delivers beyond anything for them.

Rest following the tips stated above can help you to find the right path to begin the change and encourage your team to have a passion for work.


About the Author

Nikhil Mishra is a marketing communications professional with Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Nikhil has worked as a journalist and copywriter in the past, and his passion for the field of marketing and communications is a motivating force for his present career choice.

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