8 Killer Examples of Goals for Work Success

Entrepreneurs and CEOs work tirelessly to ensure the success of their companies. This success is in no small part linked to their employees’ work success. So what are some examples of goals for work success?

As someone who’s spent long years running his own businesses, I’m glad to say that we’ve reaped the fruits of our hard work. I had a fundamental belief when we set out on this journey that our own business’ success must be accompanied by our own employees’ work success.

Ever since we launched our business, we’ve been aiming high, and our employees have also been achieving their professional goals. We knew that advancing their professional skills would be their key to success at work.

The way I see it, if we neglect even one employee and deprive them of their opportunity to enjoy job success, it’ll have a detrimental effect on other employees’ morale.

Let me tell you how we gave our employees the keys to achieving success at work. Some steps depended on their own effort. Others were our responsibility.

Our employees were and still are essential to our success. The company’s growth is directly linked to the personal and professional development of its employees. The thrilling success of Front Signs, a Los Angeles sign manufacturing company that I founded with three of my friends back in 2016, would be inconceivable without the support of our loyal team.

Overall it’s a mix of having enthusiastic employees willing to achieve job success and good management that provides them with the keys of success at work.

Many businesses, regardless of their size, see their employees as temporary, replaceable people.

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I see employees as the human beings they are, not just people who show up to work, labor away for a few hours to earn their wages and leave without accomplishing or learning anything which may be of value for themselves or the company.

The reason I still rely on my employees is because I know for a fact they have untapped potential and creativity, and are capable of brilliance machines simply cannot replicate.

This is why quality employees are an invaluable asset to companies, and this is why employees can guarantee success for your company in a way machines can’t. But, in order for them to access all this hidden potential, they’re supposed to achieve some work success of their own.

So how exactly do we allow our employees to reach their full potential?

Set increasingly complicated tasks

The first example of goals for work for your employees to achieve job success is something we ourselves have to set for them to accomplish.

The way a new employee is integrated into their team and how they handle their first tasks can have a significant impact on how this employee performs in the long run.

Logically, we set simple tasks for our new employees to accomplish. As time goes on, we start giving them more and more complex tasks. They may not be used to what they’re being asked to do, but they’ll never know what they’re capable of unless they attempt to broaden their horizons.

Doing this will make sure an employee tries to accomplish something new. If they’re capable of doing it alone, it’ll give them a sense of pride. If not, and another employee takes the time to show them how to get this task done properly, they’ll still feel like they learned a new skill they can put to use in the future.

This is how we work with our employees, and it pays off. Encouraging creativity and teaching our employees new skills are vital to their development. Ultimately this also plays into the company’s hands.

Develop a growth mindset

Another example of goals for work to boost your employees’ productivity is by offering them a chance to grow.

Based on what I’ve seen, anyone can be a major asset, even if they don’t have a lot of experience when we first hire them.

We’ve had employees come in with minimal experience, and I’m proud to say that today, they’re some of our best employees. We worked on their development, provided them with some online courses which would advance the skill sets they need for the job, as well as the tools for self-development, and they proved to be immensely productive and creative.

We’ve empowered our employees by giving them a chance to share their ideas and share new methods they discover while working or conducting research. What our employees accomplish on their own can become a guide for other employees.

Appreciate and encourage your staff

Everything we’ve accomplished in the past and everything we’re doing right now, we couldn’t have done it without our employees. We’re extremely proud and grateful to have a staff as dedicated as the one we do.

This just happens to be what most companies fail to do. They either don’t appreciate all the work their employees do, which. speaking frankly, results in those companies’ very own success, or they don’t encourage their employees, which means they’re missing out on a golden opportunity to unlock their potential.

How do they expect to keep their loyal employees happy and working at the highest level possible when those employees feel invisible or neglected?

I’ve come to the following conclusion: if you want happy employees, it’s not only money that talks. It’s seeing them, talking to them, being on the ground with them, listening to them, understanding them, and giving them a chance to grow which is in itself a key to success at work.

Automate some workflow aspects

One more example of goals for work which I found to boost our employees’ efficiency and allow them to work more freely is by automating manual workflows.

I used to find some of our work aspects so tedious when we first launched our company. Replying to Emails asking the same questions over and over again. Customers requesting quotes for our products. All the same questions repeated on a daily basis. Remembering to send out Emails for a marketing campaign and doing it manually…

This is but one of the repetitive tasks we wasted countless hours on. We found that automating some aspects of our workflow could be accomplished, in a way which would save us time, and allow us to invest that newly found free time in a more productive, efficient, and creative way.

 Goals for Work Success

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Apply methods to increase employee engagement

At some point you might start wondering how people who do the same tasks day in and day out stay interested in their work. This is a valid question, the answer to which is simple. Again, remedying this issue requires a step that starts with you.

One of the most effective ways to keep your employees engaged in their work is by giving them new challenges. This is one way for them to liberate themselves from their routine and give their minds a chance to refresh and focus on something new. It’ll be like a breath of fresh air.

Introducing specialists to different aspects of the workflow so that they have a general idea of how the whole process goes is also an effective method to keep your employees interested. It’s also a key to success at work for them.

Establish team building objectives for motivation

I’ve always thought that a business runs smoothly when its employees are healthy, happy, and motivated. There are a number of ways all companies can improve or preserve their employees’ health such as setting up gyms in the company and implementing a non-smoking policy on the premises.

Keeping your team motivated is yet another example of goals for work. You wouldn’t believe what a highly motivated team is capable of doing. The same applies to individuals too. I’ve personally found that taking your employees to a weekend getaway is an awesome way to boost their morale.

It has the added benefit of breaking the ice with any relatively new members of your team and allowing your employees to get to know each other better and find common interests. These getaways can also create fun memories everyone will remember fondly.

Flexible working as an example of goals for work success

Ever since we switched to a flexible working schedule, I noticed a spike in productivity. I read an article on applying this method a while ago and decided to test it out myself. Honestly, I’m impressed with the results. This schedule allows your employees to show up to work when they know they’ll be the most productive.

Some employees like to wake up early and get the day started as soon as possible, others would rather sleep in to get some more rest in the morning. Each person knows when they function better, and allowing them to optimise their working hours costs you nothing. If anything, flexibility gives your employees an added sense of freedom.

It also helps avoid the issue of an employee coming in late because they had an urgent matter to attend to without having the chance to make up for it.

Set a main goal to help achieve work success

Finally, one of the most important factors that will allow your employees to achieve job success is setting a main goal for them. What I’m talking about here isn’t simply giving them a task to do. It’s about including them in your company’s strategy.

In my opinion, employees must be involved in what the company aims to accomplish. They want to know what all the effort they’re putting in is contributing to. I’ve seen how this changes the way an employee perceives their job.

They no longer view it as something they have to do just to earn money. They see it as a contribution to a great achievement. They understand they’re building something amazing.

There are many factors that affect employees’ satisfaction with their jobs. Achieving a goal and having a sense of accomplishment is one of them. Everyone feels good after making a great accomplishment.

We have our dedicated employees to thank for where we find ourselves today. It is due to their collective efforts, and in no small measure due to their brilliant ideas that we’ve been capable of achieving all we have thus far. If we’ll be capable of improving even more in the future, it will be due to their endeavours.

Personally, I don’t see our employees as only our employees. I think that we’re a big family that’s working on a massive project with a clear goal. We want to be the best, and we’re working tirelessly to make it happen. We all develop together, we all contribute to the success of our mission, and we all share our achievements.

In Summary

What many companies fail to realise is that their employees are exceptional people with a lot of hidden talents and potential. These companies neglect their employees instead of nurturing them and allowing them to reap work success along with the business.

Offering our employees a chance to grow should be a fixed goal in all our companies. They will become more productive, they’ll become your ambassadors, and they’ll be happy to do it.

It is my firm belief that happy employees are a major asset to any company. They will repay everything you’ve invested in them many times over, and they’ll achieve their personal development goals in the process.

About the Author

Gevorg Hambardzumyan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Front Signs, a sign-making company based in Los Angeles, CA. Gevorg is a driven entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in successfully starting and helping businesses grow. He has the exceptional skill of turning failures into his greatest success stories.

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