How to Become a Successful Manager

Do you want to lead a company, have graduated as a manager, but do not know where to start? We will tell you what areas of management exist, how they work, and how you can become a successful manager from scratch!

Would you like to be a manager or have a bachelor in management? But the world of managers is so diverse that you can get overwhelmed by all the opportunities. We will help you figure out who a manager is, how to become a manager in various business areas, and where you can work after graduation.

Personal qualities to become a successful manager

Regardless of your basic education, to become a successful manager you will need several personal qualities that you will have to develop in yourself:


A good manager knows how to make commitments to the boss. He worries about the success of someone else’s project as if it were his own. A competent manager will notice a conscientious attitude to his business and encourage others. You can mention these soft skills in your CV which you can create using a resume writing service or an online template.


Never be late for work or a meeting with a client. There is no room for excuses in business, time is money.

Striving for self-education

The best managers in the world read a lot and spend money on specialised knowledge. Buy business literature and watch webinars in your free time. Knowledge is power.

Client orientation

Promise less, do more. This is the title of chapter 4 of the cult book “Clients for Life” by Carl Sewell, a top manager from the USA. Save the customer money and he will come back for shopping again. We asked experienced managers from different industries about how to become more successful.

In the article, you will learn how to become a tourism, marketing, SMM manager, TOP manager, and the nuances of the profession with comments from experts.

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How to become a tourist manager

The tourism manager will select a profitable tour, prepare documents for a visa and book a hotel. Such a manager is a workhorse and the face of a travel agency.

Where to study to become a tourism manager? Specialised education is not necessary, but it will significantly increase the chances of finding a job. No opportunity to study for 4 years? There are shorter programs or distance learning to help become a successful manager. Study independently at home, using paid courses on the Internet, or for free using YouTube.

Is it possible to study tourism management for free? If you have a lot of free time and a strong desire to become a tourism manager, study on your own. There are many successful managers on the Internet, some of them have YouTube channels.

Requirements and skills to work as a tourism manager

To be a confident PC user. Almost 90% of the time you will be working at the computer. All documents, passport scans, vouchers are done by you. Your success in selling a tour depends on how quickly you switch between the browser, messenger, and the travel agency program.

To become a successful manager, you should have great communication skills. Speak confidently about unfamiliar things. If you do not know about hotels in Zimbabwe, Google to find the necessary information, simultaneously blabbing the client so that he does not guess about your incompetence. You need to talk about Prague as confidently as about your own home. Learn fast, remember a lot.

Is the sea still warm? Is the beach clean? And how is the food at the hotel? Do I need a visa, and is it noisy in the room? This is a typical list of questions for a tourist. And you should know what to answer them. You need to know everything about everything Collect information in various ways: watch travel programs, read books – be aware of events in the world.

You need to know the climate of different countries, estimate the geography and remember the names of cities. It is worth being patient, flight delays or boorish hotel staff will affect the relationship between you and the tourist.

Take into account the preferences of tourists. Pensioners want to relax and improve their health in peace, and young people want to stay up all night long.

Save customers money. You can try to get a ticket for a child up to 2 years old for free get a big discount.

Offer travel insurance, if the tourist is not allowed into the country, part of the money will be returned to him. Mistakes in booking a hotel will fall on your wallet. An error in visa processing, a delay in departure, minus a week of the client’s vacation. And the vacation is not endless.

How tourism managers work

Each travel agency has a program in which it arranges tours. There are many of them, the main ones are “U-ON.Travel ” and “Columbis”. The program stores contracts, bills, tourist data, financial guarantees, and medical insurance. A personal card is created for the tourist – this is convenient if he turns to you again.


The tourism manager has to remember and take into account dozens of factors, fortunately, there are popular cheat sheets of tour operators, where you can find out how close the hotel is to the beach, whether the rooms are clean and how good the food is; TripAdvisor – reviews of tours, hotels, encyclopaedia in the world of tourism.

Information about the tourist market around the world, news, and analytics. Where to work as a tourism manager? You can work in travel agencies like Tez Tour, Tui, and many more.

How to become a marketing manager

The marketing manager helps the buyer to find and buy the product. They research the market, assesses the demand for goods or services, and promotes new products. Many marketers act as consultants after employment, using their reputation.

Internet marketers often work remotely, sending reports on the work done and the results to the employer. Where to study to become a marketing manager? The development of the Internet affects the profession of a marketing manager.

New customer communication tools are emerging. The winner is the company that implements innovations and trends in marketing. The era of digital marketing, content marketing, SMM has come. New tools of marketers create fresh vacancies in the labor market.

The role of a marketing manager in the company becomes more important, and the salary is higher. An intelligent marketer does not need higher education, in a good company they will appreciate practical skills and cases, not a diploma. Experience is the most expensive.

How to work as a marketing manager? Specialised education is not necessary, a well-read student with sales experience can also become a low-level marketer.

For self-development, a novice marketer can be advised books by P. Kotler “Principles of Marketing”. Watch his performances on YouTube – it’s a great addition to the books. Requirements for a marketing manager I asked a marketer with 10 years of experience about the basic requirements:

Analytical mindset

The ability to work with a large amount of information is necessary to clearly understand what is happening with the market and your product. You need to catch marketing trends. Analyse the direction of the project development and adjust if necessary.

Possession of marketing skills

A marketer must understand what a market is, how to find a target audience, what tools are available for analysis, and know the stages of bringing a product to market.

Communication skills

A marketing manager communicates with many people, it is important to be able to communicate correctly.

The ability to lead projects

Almost all projects now are working in cross-functional teams. You need to be able to set tasks, monitor their implementation, keep resources in mind and allocate key roles in project management.

How to become an HR manager

The recruitment manager is looking for and interviewing potential employees in the company. Previously, such people were called personnel officers.

Elena Romansky, a recruitment expert, also suggested what skills will help you become a successful HR manager.

Social skills

The ability to speak competently, impress, respect, and listen. People worry at the interview, if a person is not suitable for the company, you need to be able to say it politely.

Analytical skills

This is the ability to collect and analyse data, make logical conclusions. My methods of developing analytical skills: Professional development, seminars, and training reading business literature. Observation and discussion of effective techniques, joint business breakfasts, presentations at forums.

Quick assessment

The most important thing is to be able to assess the candidate for the position fluently. Evaluate personal effectiveness, guess behaviour in different circumstances. It is necessary to understand whether a person is useful to the company.

The desire to learn

Having a diploma in special education is good. When there is also a basic psychological education – excellent. The desire to acquire new experience, constantly improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities, interest in the content of the work, knowledge of the specifics of the company in which you work.

How does an HR manager work

HR manager selects staff, forms a database of potential candidates, is responsible for training new employees, and accompanies the entire workflow, in terms of human resources. An HR manager is a specialist responsible for the formation of human resources in the company.

The quality of personnel, its adaptation, development, and motivation depend on the HR manager. HR is a nervous profession, not for introverts. You will have to communicate a lot in person and by phone. The vacancy is suitable for sociable and cheerful people.

How to become an social media manager

An SMM manager promotes a brand or product through social media. A good SMM manager is a rare phenomenon, but at the same time, the profession is in demand and highly paid. You should be a highly focused marketer to become a successful manager of social media.

Where to study to become a successful manager

Most SMM managers are self-taught. If you want to get a full-fledged education close to an SMM manager, study public relations or marketing manager. SMM courses are the fastest way to gain in-depth knowledge of social media marketing. Look for courses on the Internet, there are many of them.

How to learn for free. On the Internet, you can find courses, books, and webinars for free, but there is a lot of pointless information in them. It is better to pay for high-quality information than to squeeze the essence out of a ton of material.

How to become a successful SMM manager

Let’s ask Georgy Dementievsky. George is an SMM developer from the digital agency Racurs. – What is the characteristic of a fire? – By its spontaneity! As in the field of SMM, which has already become an independent field of knowledge, and in Internet marketing in general, it is difficult to predict where the trend will go.

What will work in the future? Therefore, any SMM manager needs to be proactive – to be able to quickly analyse information and use it for their product.

We need creativity. However, only together with analytics and technologies. The ideas born on a 5-minute brainstorm may be great, but not everything will work out. Therefore, always, when creating new images and strategies, you need to keep 2 questions in mind: – What is our final goal? – How can we promote the product with the least cost?

I consider stress tolerance and the ability to assess the situation to find a solution to the problem to be important skills of the SMM. It happens that you have to combine several roles. You need to find your approach to each person in the team, be kind and friendly.

In my opinion, having these key skills and competencies will allow you to be successful, know what is happening in the market, and fight with competitors.

How do SMM managers work

If it seemed to you that the job of an SMM manager is to create memes or funny pictures with cats, then you are a little mistaken.

Of course, the creation of posts is the responsibility of the SMM specialist, but before mindlessly posting whatever he wants, the SMM manager studies and draws up a portrait of the target audience thinks through topics and content categories, determines the time of the creation of posts or publications, creates a content plan.

Appoints responsible persons (if there is a small staff of photographers, illustrators, or copywriters under his leadership). He also masters the subtleties of promotion mechanisms, owns PR techniques. In general, the work is creative, but there is plenty of routines there.

The great demand for SMM motivates young people to learn marketing in social media. Schoolchildren pose as social media gurus. The market is packed with charlatans. Don’t be superficial, take a high-quality approach to train and you will find a stable, well-paid job among such competitors.

How to become a top manager

A top manager is the pinnacle of a manager’s career. Usually, this is a large manager or director of a branch. A job that requires leadership skills and a lot of experience. Where to study for a top manager? Top managers study where ordinary managers do. The prefix “top” itself speaks only about the role of the managing manager in the company.

A director can grow out of a salesman or even an SMM manager. The top manager manages the other managers in the department.

A beginner will never be hired for a manager’s vacancy, gain experience working as an ordinary manager. Read books, attend seminars, show leadership qualities and you will achieve your goal. Nothing is impossible. Requirements for working as a top manager,

Creativity or flexible thinking

This is the ability to find a non-standard approach to any business task: from sales to hiring talented employees. critical thinking. There is a lot of information in the modern world: according to experts, humanity produces about 2.5 exabytes of information every day, while the volume of business data doubles every 14 months.

It is important to be able to select valuable content from the entire data stream; the speed of decision-making. Today it is important to make informed decisions quickly. This skill needs to be developed.

Client orientation

We see that companies with expensive services and high-quality services earn more. You need to be open and sincere in communicating with partners and customers. This seriously increases the credibility of the company and the brand. People are willing to overpay for the service, for the brand, for the attitude towards themselves.

There are a large number of companies that enter already established markets and quickly take a share.

How does a top manager work

A top manager can be called both the most important boss, who practically does not make managerial decisions, and the operating director, who is clogged with the turnover to the eyeballs and constantly runs somewhere on business.

In both cases, the top manager has a great responsibility for management decisions in the company, the development strategy of projects or the company as a whole, personnel or social policy, and, of course, for all financial or operational indicators (traffic, sales, etc.).

Responsibility is both legal and moral. It is usually difficult to become top management from the outside.

In Summary

We hope our guide on how to become a successful manager was useful to you. At most, you can go to the top management of a certain company from the same position (or the position of a deputy) from a related sphere or a competitive company. Most often, active and proactive employees of the company grow up in them.


About the Author

Donald Mena is a former recruitment manager, writer, and contributor to a high-quality cover letter editing service online. He is very happy to share some of the insights he accessed through his experience. He is also passionate about the continuous learning approach, sustainability, and conscious living.

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