How to Build Good Chemistry in a Team

Building chemistry in a team is as important as keeping the four tyres of a car functional. Even if one of them has a breakdown, the three cannot function. So should be the chemistry of the team.

Not only does it provide a healthy atmosphere but it also helps the organisation to get more productive and profitable. It brings a spirit of self-confidence, togetherness and moreover efficient ways of working are discovered.

However, team building is a time taking process. As no individual is the same. Adaptation and adjustments are really important key foundation in the team-building process. So, here are a few tips which can be inculcated to build a good chemistry in the team.

Same mealtimes

This process may sound childish but it plays a really important role, in the team-building process. Teammates should have meals at the same time, enjoying quality time with one another. This gives them real good time to bond, and since ages it has been proved that real bond gets stronger over a meal.

Even today the best discussions are done at mealtimes and the most memorable ones too. So, the same mealtime for all the teammates together is sure to strengthen the chemistry.

Team building experiences

Team members come from different backgrounds and have different stories. The team-building exercises will give them time to bond as well help them know more about each other. These team-building exercises also help the teammates to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and the ability to cope with them.

These exercises can be simple outdoor games organised just for fun, or a holiday or picnic organised specially for team building activities. Even some little things organised in the office on weekends can give ample meaning to a team-building exercise. These activities build up fun and understanding at the same time.

Celebrate success & failures of your team

Thanks to the modern era, not only marriages but break up parties are also celebrated. So why not take a tip from this and celebrate the failures as well. A success party is of course a reason to celebrate and that is a great bonding time. But a failure party, should be an event wherein one could shove off the burden of failures and the team celebrates it together to start over again.

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The team can bond and talk calmly about the mistakes that happened and should make it a note of it. So, both failure and success parties can help the teammates to understand each other better.

Deal with team conflicts maturely

Where there are people, conflicts will arise. People are selfish and unkind, that’s a fact. Mistakes are easily blamed than taken the ownership of. But whatever the case, in spite of all the negativity team spirit can, and does exist. A little effort has to be put in.

If there is a conflict it has to be dealt with in a really mature way. If it is a recurring problem, the leader has to take a look and make sure that one rotten egg is not spoiling the entire lot. But if the rules are strict and adequate measures are taken on time, any problem can be solved with ease.

Having a futuristic view

Problems will come and go. But the vision should be farthest. As it is correctly said, aim for the moon to reach the stars. So instead of creating mess from daily things, make sure that teammates have their eyes on the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on everyday highs and lows, they should be focusing on building a richer, brighter, bigger and more energetic team for the future.

Tasks should be given which emphasise on achieving productivity and growth for the future. The team should be encouraged in such a way, that they themselves come closer to become stronger as a team.

Equal treatment

This is one major aspect of team building. It is very important for one to feel secure before trusting and understanding others. So, in this regard, the leaders and the experienced team members play an important role. Team members must feel really equal and must be given equal opportunities in doing the task as well.

When treated equally, everyone will have the same team spirit. So even if different tasks are assigned to different people in the team, teammates will not be afraid to ask for help. Whatever their task may be, they will be open for discussion, and eventually this will help the team to achieve success. So, equal treatment for each and every one is really important.

Good chemistry in a team

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Define roles

Once you know who is good at what, it is very important to define roles. This eradicates the problem of poking noses in each other’s tasks. Also, it gives a sense of independence to teammates and they feel important.

Plus, they do not hesitate to ask for help if required. So, this enables them to be a stronger team member. But for this to happen, it is very important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the teammates and then assign the tasks appropriately.

Else it may lead to a real chaotic situation.  But once the proper roles are defined, there is no stopping for the team from becoming one strong team together.

Communicate thoroughly

The right communication can solve all types of problems whether big or small, hence it is very important to keep the channels of communication open. The channel should always be a two-way road.

A person should be able to tell how exactly he/she feels, without feeling isolated. If the leader keeps open communication in the team, there can be no stronger team in the entire organisation who can beat them.

Also, if the leader keeps the communication channel transparent, it will automatically get inculcated in the teammates to keep their communication channel within the team also, open.

Gradually deal with the problematic ones

The difference between introverts and extroverts can be seen everywhere. So, it is important to maintain a proper behaviour pattern between the two. The introverts have to be dealt with real patience and the extroverts with proper care.

A proper level has to be maintained between the two, so that they support each other and the team keeps running efficiently. The loners should not find corners, so it is necessary to keep them as involved as possible.

And the extroverts should know when to take a step back. Maintaining a balance between the two is an efficient way of building team balance and getting a great team chemistry.

In Summary

So, these are some of the listed points that should be taken care of in order to build a great team chemistry. But remember team building is a slow process and takes its course of time. People have to set their egos aside and embrace each other, which is not an easy task as it seems.

Blending people of different personalities is a bigger task than making profits. They have to have a mindset that supporting each other will eventually lead to everyone’s growth.

So, try implementing the above points and eventually and gradually great team will be set up. Slowly and slowly they will the team members will start supporting each other in their highs and lows. Great teams build great organisations and the most profitable ones.

Take all the measures to get them bonded, even if it means a little elongated mealtime, because these little bonding times will promise a brighter future and the happiest work-friendly environment.

When the work culture is good, all problems automatically take a back seat and the organisation start running peacefully. In a nutshell the conclusion is, ‘a happy team gives you a profitable business.


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