Introducing Discounts for Not for Profit Organisations

Charities and not-for-profits do an amazing service for our global community. From grassroots organisations helping feed the poor, to large organisations working on ridding the world of specific diseases, these organisations do amazing work often on a shoestring budget.

All of us at 6Q salute those hard working individuals that are often unrecognised, and the organisations that work tirelessly to attract great talent in both paid and unpaid roles and keep them working on their individual missions.

Since starting 6Q, we have been considering ways in which we can do more to support these unsung heroes. We believe by offering a significant discount, we can help support these not-for-profits and charities in engaging their paid staff and volunteers in their teams.

By offering a significant 60% discount across our plans, we hope to provide these groups with much-needed increased engagement of both employees and volunteers, whilst at the same time, saving their funds for the people who need it most, not for administrative overheads.

Why does charity staff and volunteer engagement matter?

From speaking to many not-for-profits and being involved in them myself over the last two decades, I appreciate that these organisations often suffer high employee turnover, as a result of often ‘less than market’ salaries, and transient changes or motivation changes of volunteers.

This costs these organisations valuable time and money in replacing these paid and unpaid roles; time and money which would be better spent helping their communities.

We know that replacing a paid employee can often cost up to 40% of their annual salary, money that could be used for much needed better purposes. We also know that great volunteer management involves frequent appreciation, individual recognition, encouraging teamwork and listening to team feedback regularly.

We know that 6Q already helps our commercial customers with these issues, and we know that 6Q can help these not-for-profit organisations reduce employee turnover, increase team morale and improve employee and volunteer engagement.

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We encourage you to read our recent article, titled Engaging Volunteers in a Not for Profit Organisation which goes into further depth about the topic.

So what do we ask of you?

If you are not in a charity of not for profit, we humbly ask that you let anyone you know who works at a not-for-profit that we have this offer, or better yet, share this post with them.

If you work at a start-up, or in the software space, we ask that you consider doing something similar, to help these great organisations. Please tell us about it, we’d love to know your ideas and thoughts.

If you do happen to work in a not-for-profit or charity, we ask that you take 6Q for a 25 day free trial, and if you find it useful, and meet our requirements, then get in touch with us for a 60% discount.

Our discount requirements

We want to ensure we help as many needy organisations as we can, and also ensure these discounted plans go to the most worthy organisations. To do so, we ask that you declare you meet the following requirements;

  1. Must have a legal charitable or not for profit status in your country
  2. Must direct at least 90% of any funding or donations to the actual work, and not administration
  3. Must have no more than US$2 million in government funding per year
  4. Must have a website with your mission and clear outcomes from your work
  5. Must have an organisational mission that doesn’t discriminate against any particular race, religion, age, sexual persuasion or otherwise.

We understand that your organisation may not meet these requirements, and although we would love to help in any case, we trust that you understand that we need to be able to offer these discounts without adversely affecting our sustainability.

How do you get your organisation involved?

Firstly, you’ll need to meet the criteria we have listed above, and then sign up for a free trial of 6Q.

Once you have your team invited, and are ready to upgrade, simply send us an email (via requesting to be a part of this program, and include proof of your charity or not-for-profit status. You should also write a few paragraphs outlining your mission and what you do in the field to help achieve this.

Once you send this email, please allow a week for us to review your application and get back to you. We’ll send a special discount code to you, depending on the plan you are upgrading to.

In Summary

We are confident that by offering these significantly discounted rates, we will be helping not for profit organisations engage better with their employees and volunteers; meaning a better outcome for them and the communities or clients that they help.


Miles Burke

Miles Burke

Miles is the founder of 6Q. He is passionate about peer-to-peer recognition, company culture, employee engagement and wants every workplace to be the happiest it can be. Miles is also MD of Bam Creative, an author and public speaker.