New Feature: Employee Survey Frequency

I’m happy to announce that we have just launched an exciting new feature for 6Q: the ability to control how frequently your employee surveys are sent.

Since we launched, we’ve had feedback from some customers that weekly was too frequent for their organisations.

Rather than just dive in to making the change, our team have re-engineered a large portion of the code behind the scenes, to allow for further flexibility in the future. We are pleased to announce as of today, you can change how frequently your employees receive their polls.

Benefits of this new feature

You now have the option of sending your employee surveys every week, every two weeks or every four weeks.

This is important for a few reasons;

1. Some organisations found that they had employees who suffered from survey fatigue. Weekly was just too frequent

2. Some managers found that it was a burden to change the questions so frequently, and therefore by adjusting the cadence or frequency of the surveys, they can now enjoy doing it less often.

All existing users and customers have not had their surveys adjusted. You’ll still receive your surveys and reports weekly, unless you wish to adjust them. Otherwise, you do not need to make any changes.

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So what’s different?

When leaders now log in, you will see there is a new panel on your dashboard. The panel shows you the next upcoming poll and report time. This should help alleviate any confusion about when polls and then reports are sent. Note that this is in your local time zone.


Employee survey frequency

This panel also allows you to make changes to this poll, ahead of time, or view how the survey will look to participants by clicking ‘Test this poll’.

To change the frequency of your surveys

You can manage how frequently you send your surveys to your employees using the new options available to you under the ‘My Organisation’ Screen. When you adjust the day, time or frequency options, you will see three days/times change above.

These are;

Invites sent
This is when the initial invitation to your poll recipients goes out; this is 24 hours prior to the survey closing deadline.

Reminders sent
This is sent one hour prior to the survey deadline, to all recipients who have yet to complete this poll.

Reports sent
This is also known as the survey deadline.

Employee survey frequency

To make a change to the frequency, simply choose the new option under ‘Report email frequency’, hit ‘save’ and you’re done! We have intentionally limited the survey cadence options to only one week, two weeks and four weeks.

This is because we find that one of the main attractions to 6Q is the ease of receiving near real-time feedback survey reports. Making poll frequencies larger than every four weeks would defeat a large benefit of using 6Q.


We have released the poll frequency options for all plans, adding more benefit to your subscription. We trust you enjoy this new flexibility with employee survey frequency. If you have any questions at all about this feature, our support team is happy to answer them for you.

Have a feature request or feedback about this new feature? We would be delighted to hear from you!

Miles Burke

Miles Burke

Miles is the founder of 6Q. He is passionate about peer-to-peer recognition, company culture, employee engagement and wants every workplace to be the happiest it can be. Miles is also MD of Bam Creative, an author and public speaker.