Revealed: 10 Common Traits of a Good Manager

As a manager, you will be in charge of the company’s most valuable assets: the employees. This article shares ten proven traits of a good manager.

Top managers can simultaneously lead teams, assist them in growing, and maintain total control throughout their firm and its success. These are the people who can adjust to new conditions on the fly, inspire others to attain their greatest potential, and produce their finest work.

They stay focused on their key priorities at all times, ensuring that they and their crew never wander from their objectives. They are also self-serving and efficient, putting up their utmost effort in completing their own goals. They are mostly concerned with honing their leadership abilities.

Why do companies need good managers?

It’s simple; companies do well under top management. After all, the staff is at risk of colliding with iceberg after iceberg without a skilled leader directing the ship.

That’s why good management is making problems and solutions so engaging and beneficial that everyone desires to go to work and solve them. And harassment is not a tool used by great managers to get things done. Rather, they motivate, inspire, and encourage people to meet their goals.

It’s about igniting a fire within them, not beneath them. They are concerned with how they are using their rights and abilities to make a significant difference in their businesses, rather than with hierarchy and work experience. Also, they have the ability to spot talent in their teams.

Good managers take advantage of this ability by assigning jobs and dividing duties appropriately. As a result, their staff are able to attain optimum productivity and satisfaction with their work.

Top players can simultaneously lead teams, assist them in growing, and keep complete control over their company and its success. And those are the individuals who can adjust to new conditions on the run, inspire others to attain their greatest potential, and produce their finest work.

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So, by having an exceptional manager, the companies ensure that the employees have a great inspirational figure whenever it comes to their work.

So, you may know that leadership is the most important skill to successfully manage highly complex projects, but being a manager is more than that. Because after all, it’s difficult to maintain, coach, and lead people. But, you will need more than leadership skills. In this blog post, we will list 10 manager characteristics that are must-have.

What traits you need to have to be a great manager

Managers aren’t given the chance to head their squad out of nowhere; they’ve worked hard for it. Whether it was demonstrating their knowledge of the industry through self-study or training offered through their present work, they were able to demonstrate their expertise.

So, when it comes to becoming a good manager, you need to carry those 10 traits with you:

Communication skills

Poor communication from management is one of the main pain issues when it comes to diminishing productivity, according to our employee engagement research.

It’s one thing for managers to be aware of what has to be accomplished. It’s another thing entirely for them to be able to effectively convey those goals to each person on the team, all of whom are in charge of distinct roles. It’s critical to understand that successful communication is influenced by a variety of elements if you want to be an efficient leader.

If you have staff meetings, company calls, or one-on-one chats, you’ll need to communicate effectively. You’ll have to interact in writing, either by email and online chat.

Organisational skills

If you aren’t organised in your job, the individuals you supervise are likely to be unorganised as well. Numerous internet resources can help you get structured.

You can also purchase a personalised calendar or install an app on your phone that will remind you of appointments, daily tasks, and so on. Or you can always use TrustMyPaper services to help you out produce written tasks for each employee.

Delegation skills

Your job as a manager will be much more challenging if you don’t know how to delegate projects and duties. Don’t be hesitant to enlist the assistance of your staff to perform a task.

You may believe that doing everything personally is easier, but this should add time to your already heavy workload, and you will be preventing your staff from doing what they were recruited to do.


Another one of our traits of a good manager is responsibility. Great managers recognise that they are in charge, which means they are accountable for everyone’s performance — both successes and mistakes. To that aim, they monitor all of their staff to see what they’re doing to assist them to improve as workers and advance professionally.

Traits of a good manager

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It will be difficult to advance as a manager if you have no prior experience working in a professional setting or leading a team. Volunteering, whether in your sector or with a non-profit, is an excellent method to get experience in a management capacity. Whether it’s raising money for a charity or planning an event, offer to assist organise and produce it.

Time management

Time management is also an important aspect of being a great manager. Your employees may think it is acceptable to be late if you are late every day. Prioritising your day, ensuring you have time to connect with your staff, and achieving goals during the week all need time management skills.


Another one of our traits of a good manager is confidence. You must be secure in your capabilities, expertise, and choices to be an excellent manager. This does not imply that you should be arrogant or believe you are superior to your staff. But you’re in charge for a reason, so be proud of yourself and lead by example.


A company’s competing priorities are numerous. Many projects are moving forward at the same time, making it difficult to keep track of everything. Managers must not lose sight of anything because they are preoccupied with something else for their companies to prosper.

This difficult-to-achieve focus comes with advantages, such as boosting your thinking, always keeping the consumer in mind, or how to separate yourself from the competition.

To keep your focus, you may need some goal-oriented document that will be a good example of which goals are a priority.


Managers are dedicated to their employees, objectives, clients, environment, and the overall economy. Perhaps they’re aiming for the top of the ladder. They aren’t seeking the next available job, though.

Another of the traits of a good manager is they are committed to a single goal and want to advance in their careers. Most importantly, good managers position themselves for success and serve as role models for those who follow in their footsteps.

Respect for the team

There would undoubtedly be stress in your company if you do not appreciate your staff. Be aware of their time and talents, prepared to hear and interact with them, and a knowledgeable and helpful resource.

However, being an effective leader entails not just encouraging, influencing, and leading others to achieve their goals, but also offering helpful advice, resources, training, and assistance to help them do so. Becoming an ideal manager entails becoming such a great leader, appreciating your team’s ability, constantly learning, and honing your intellectual ability.

Sadly, improving your leadership skills will not happen immediately. Along the way, you might make mistakes, and learn a few tips and tricks to manage people.

But, the best part is that if you work hard and consistently to grow, you can eventually become a fantastic leader. And that’s the key to stronger, more engaged people, a healthier company, and a higher profit margin.

The most effective managers are committed to their jobs and focused on achieving results. Most leaders, on the other hand, maintain their dedication and commitment by prioritising employee productivity. As a manager, you’ll need to know how to perfect time management skills in order to keep a sustainable workflow.

In Summary

To summarise, If you want to be a successful manager, you must understand the traits of a good manager, and be a good leader and keep the team on track to meet the company’s goals.

Fantastic managers invest in their workers’ careers, encourage their growth, and provide possibilities for advancement, which increases engagement and loyalty. But being a leader isn’t just performing tasks, you must;

  • Demonstrate an interest in and concern for the success and personal well-being of team members.
  • Be an excellent coach.
  • Have a clear team vision and strategy.
  • Don’t micromanage your staff; instead, empower them.
  • Be highly efficient and lead; be a good speaker who understands and sends insight; and help the group improve their careers.
  • Have key technical abilities that can assist the team in making decisions.

Every strong team needs a strong manager that will correctly lead them. Managers are in charge of everything, from hiring top staff to managing employees, achieving goals, and planning success. Great leaders work with their teams to develop efficient, excellent processes that eliminate barriers that would otherwise slow them down.

Employees are also encouraged to participate in the creation of these workflows and to try out alternative techniques that they believe would improve productivity.

Many top managers are ready to take chances in order to help their companies flourish. In many cases, taking chances might actually be a good learning experience. To be a successful manager, you must be able to analyse risk levels and recognise when taking a chance would benefit you and your company.

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