7 Ways in Which Technology Is Reshaping Employee Engagement

Are you one of those finding better ways to nurture your workforce? If yes, this isn’t tricky anymore. Tech platforms are the lifesaver for you in developing a harmonious work culture and engaging with employees. It can help you in elevating your business productivity. Still confused? Let’s explore it in detail.

Entrepreneurs understand retaining an efficient workforce is important. It is one of the priorities for maintaining stability and cope up with the evolving marketplace. But watchful competitors do not leave a single chance to grab productive employees from other organisations by promising them to offer lucrative packages, friendly work culture, and added incentives.

Intense competition and a race to stay ahead of the curve make it even more difficult for businesses to retain the best talent. Basically, to meet this aim you need to come up with a unique strategy for better employee engagement. It will increase the morale of your workforce to do their jobs with sincerity and dedication. Also, it will keep their interest intact so that they will never think of switching to another company.

But how to find a reliable policy for making your staff involved? As per PRNewswire, 45% of workers do not feel their company endorse a healthy work-life balance. In order to discuss this issue, the right approach will be beginning with understanding the specific requirements of employees and how you can devise the right strategy based on the same.

The needs and demands of your staff can never be static, but keep on changing. In order to cope up with a climate of continuous change, you should use tech tools to give a new life to your workforce engagement plan. Let’s look at the seven ways technology is boosting staff morale and strengthening workforce engagement.

Leverage digital platforms for effective guidance

A mentor is the most valuable asset for employees who can help them in solving their issues and reshaping their professional life. You can use one of the best online systems which link mentees with a proper mentor on the basis of their goals and requirements. Also, you can partner with a third-party advisor to help your staff.

Moreover, you can take the help of the senior professionals and use their wealth of experience to guide other employees. Partner with a development agency and build a tailored mentoring solution for your organisation suiting your specific business needs.

They can prototype your idea and save you from getting stuck in a dead-end. Also, prototyping will give you clarity and assurance that the end product will be functional and reliable. Maternity and Almabase are two of the most popular mentoring software.

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Integrate tech tools to enhance your onboarding experience

If you want to raise the morale of your workforce then it’s mandatory to redesign the entire hiring process. Deploy intelligent hiring solutions such as Firefish and Connectifier for enhancing the interviewing and recruiting process. These tools can gather and analyse massive data on potential candidates and let you get an idea of their productivity.

In addition to streamlining the hiring process, it’s equally important to make it customised so that you can easily grab tech-savvy professionals. Also, you can integrate technology at every stage of recruitment so that to offer potential candidates a great onboarding experience and engaging them to serve your company in the long-run.

Use online collaboration tools to facilitate seamless communication

You should make sure that your employees can freely communicate with each other even with the remote teams to work without any interruption or delay. This makes it essential for you to give the staff a flexible and collaborative tech tools such as Slack, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Internxt, etc. for fulfilling their communication needs.

These tools allow employees to share and work seamlessly and make important documents as well as data accessible to all. In order to find the best alternative, you should do your homework and choose the one which is perfect to suit the collaboration requirements of your workforce.

In addition, you should also consider giving permission to work and interact smoothly across multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The only thing you should ask your employees is to keep up compliance with the standards set for security.

Make the environment super fun with gamification

Employees don’t want to take part in boring business meetings and hence it’s your responsibility to make the process fun and evocative. Introduce interactive games to help your staff in sharpening their skills and getting recognition for their good performance. Also, these games will track the performance for each employee and give them prompt feedback so that they can do better next time.

This will allow them to build an internal community where they can easily discuss issues related to their work. Take advantage of digital platforms such as Globoforce and Jostle with which workers can easily share their achievements within the group.

You must understand that along with integrating gamification for building a sales pipeline to maximise conversions it’s significant to gamify your employee engagement funnel. It will make your workforce be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Also, it will motivate them to take efforts for increasing their performance and outperform their colleagues.

Moreover, they can also nominate themselves or others which they think is deserving to get a special acknowledgement. Also, you can integrate a reward system for making these platforms much more exciting and encouraging. Likewise, you can create internal social networks to allow the employees to share experiences and things related to their personal lives. They can also discuss ideas and organise social events through these networks.

technology reshaping employee engagement

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Shake hands with mobility to encourage maximum involvement

In order to make sure that every member of your workforce wants to serve further, you have to give them opportunities to evolve and sharpen their skills. Use microlearning or massive open online course (MOOC) which are two of the advanced technologies to offer comprehensive learning help to employees.

Moreover, you can allow the L&D team to deploy data analytics and create customised courses to fulfil the specific needs of people. Your staff can use these online platforms to pick relevant skills and get training from any place.

Tech-driven feedback systems for real-time insights

Earlier, entrepreneurs use to conduct surveys once a year to gather feedback from their workforce. But now with the help of tech tools such as 6Q, you can gather real-time feedback from your staff on a daily or monthly basis.

It’s the best digital platform to help you with you can develop meaningful employee surveys quickly. These surveys help you in enhancing engagement and improving work culture.

Take help of technology to provide employees with customised incentives

Rewards or incentives are extremely personal you can’t offer the same kind of incentive to everyone in your company. This is why you should offer tailored recognition which will be right for that particular employee. For example, provide workers who have an interest in acquiring knowledge with audiobooks or digital learning materials.

Moreover, for employees who want to give to the community, you can guide them to leverage one of the best online resources for donations. There are many nonprofit fundraising sites that one can search. Or, offer discounts and deals on different items to the shopping freaks.

Technology is gradually penetrating the employee engagement realm and helping entrepreneurs to keep the best talent. Also, these tools allow businesses to keep their workforce cherished and productive always.

In Summary

To understand the crux of better employee engagement you have to think beyond monetary perks. Using technology is one of the best ways to come up with innovative ideas to encourage your workforce and keep the best talent.

You can conduct employee pulse surveys to name the major pain points your staff is facing and integrate tech tools to make their professional life better. Also, technology-driven engagement keeps your employees’ updates with the latest tech trends and they will feel excited to learn new things which in turn make the workplace better and comfortable.


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