Creative Ways To Show Subordinates Appreciation

Almost everyone who works for a big company dreams of a general thank-you gift. Such grace from bosses may indicate universal recognition. 

Nowadays, almost every one of us works in a corporate environment. Such features could not but affect the strategies of team leaders who want to improve the efficiency of each employee. Most CEOs should consider that their productivity depends on the mutual understanding of the team. That’s why it is imperative to regularly show subordinates appreciation.

Managers, mentors, and other professionals have to use methods that would correspond to this state of affairs. This is what we will tell our readers about.

Gratitude to subordinates

In the 21st century, the corporate workflow is no longer associated with negotiations and meetings in a stuffy office. This is because people work remotely. As for the managers, they can make a Skype call and agree on cooperation in 5-7 minutes.

Of course, IT technologies are the backbone of business these days, but this does not mean that there are no problems with communication. People work for years until they are awarded for their work. Perhaps this is the main thing that we focus on.

Experts believe that managers must do everything to help their subordinates feel special. This technique has been recognised and tested by hundreds of large companies such as Samsung, Google, Abby, and others.

If specialists understand that their skills have truly impacted the company results, they are more focused on completing tasks. It works no matter what industry your company is in. Almost 25% of all employees would like to feel grateful for their work.

Top managers and workers are especially waiting for various awards. So, such issues should be analysed in more detail.

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Top eight ideas for rewarding and gratitude to your stuff

Gratitude is greatly appreciated in any team. Hardly anyone would deny it. Various gifts and awards are the main things that allow managers and leaders to figure out what makes the life of each member of their team meaningful.

This is because when choosing the best way to give thanks, people find a lot of new facts about their subordinates. Let’s take a look at some ideas that will turn ordinary bounty into the best rewards. 

Always say thank you to your partners and subordinates

Some managers tend to start a business day or week by mentioning the latest achievements of their employees. It really works. Team leaders should praise employees who always take responsibility during busy work periods.

Such subordinates are the backbone of the business and people should keep this in mind! Begin every meeting by expressing gratitude. When urgent and large orders are fulfilled just say “Thank you!”. 

Reward your employees for a good job 

Making an effort to show that you truly appreciate your team can increase productivity. Monitor the activity of each subordinate and reward the best monthly. Your top specialists should never feel secondary.

Although, even if you are rewarding the most active people, you should be no less attentive to other subordinates so that they do not have resentment. Try to be objective in any position. 

Approve your subordinate a day off for family vacation

Perhaps such a reward is the best method to please subordinates. Most people these days spend little time with their families. This is due to the desire to advance through the career ladder. But this is often the cause of family quarrels, which inevitably diminish the employee’s efficiency.

So if you want to influence cultural behaviours and habits, this should not be neglected. Having your specialists spend well-deserved rest days is good for the company. This is the greatest way to prevent creative burnout.

Let your team get away from work on Friday afternoon or give them an extra day off before the holiday. Such generosity confirms that you appreciate their work. 

Schedule time for additional breaks, social activities, training in groups, and more. The most effective method to bring people closer is to encourage them to talk about perspectives in an informal way. So, a corporate party for management and subordinates is a good practice. Consider inviting families to such events.

Give handmade and original gifts

Kind words are pleasant and always welcome. But very often your employees deserve more than just a “Thank you!”. We are talking about the dates associated with the achievements of the department. Small gifts are worth making on such days.

Companies with more satisfied partners and consumers are most successful. So, you should be especially tactful to not miss important reasons for rewarding and gratitude. This also applies to birthday greetings. On this occasion, you can make an original gift and this will be the method way to declare your appreciation. 

Team leaders often give away discount coupons or add people as traders to their team on ICOholder or any other website. Experienced managers are very creative. They can even send cryptocurrencies from their wallets or donate a certificate for training. Success on additional platforms will further strengthen your collaboration. 

You can buy candy or cookies. This is the best way to give thanks, and it’s good for any day. Surprise your partners with sweets. Everything from chocolate bars to ice cream is well. Show people that you favour their individuality.

Such awards don’t have to be expensive. In most cases, individuality is important. When mentors or leaders buy something expensive, but not significant, it may even upset people. 

Creative Ways To Show Subordinates Appreciation

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Add photos of your best subordinates on a special wall of fame

You can show subordinates appreciation by demonstrating the achievement of the most active employees. Also, allow colleagues to add their own ideas and thanks. This way people will get an extra boost. Your employees should never feel left out.

If you want to engage your specialists in a task and maximise efficiency, always be objective. In some cases, awarded people feel truly special. Especially when it comes to remote employment. 

It is considered a good form to express gratitude and talk about business partners. This is the greatest way to maintain and strengthen your business relationship. If your partners, when visiting the office, see themselves or the managers with whom they deal on the Wall of Fame, this is a good impetus for the partnership in the future.

Tell about the results of your specialists on social pages

This is a trend these days. Writing about team successes in social media posts is especially useful for big businesses. Share posts that clearly state the name of the person you want to thank, as well as the main achievements and importance of the employee.

Use hashtags or emojis, avoid common phrases. Although in this case, do not overdo it. Don’t write very flatteringly, otherwise, it may seem to the addressee hypocrisy. People are willing to do more for the company only when they feel your care and it should be sincere.

Send something funny in the messages. People receive a ton of varied correspondence. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should be creative. Add emojis, pictures, and other animated elements. It will cheer up people who feel exhausted by the environment.

Send congratulatory letters

Experienced managers always try to bring their subordinates together on every important day for the company. This is a good opportunity to show subordinates appreciation. In this case, it is not necessary to organise a celebration.

If you can’t personally express gratitude, write and send a letter to the email box. It is also a good way to welcome new staff.

Leaders can also surprise people with handwritten creative letters! Such a trick is used by old-stagers to show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make recognition meaningful. Try to compose the text in your own words, and not in a formulaic way. Fill each phrase with gratitude, and then people will be captivated by the sincerity of your intentions.

You should choose ways that are good in your environment. Different options are suitable for different generations. We’re talking about the fact that people are less and less susceptible to handwritten creative letters, and more often they receive letters thanks to the email newsletter.

Although this does not mean that this method does not work. But if your employees are not used to receiving parcels, you should not send gifts in this way until you have found out how acceptable it is.

Offer your subordinates and partners your help

Experienced leaders often ask at the end of business meetings: “I am extremely grateful for your help. Perhaps I can help you with something?” Maybe your employees have a problem that they can’t handle. We are talking about a disease of relatives, problems with moving.

In this case, your help will come in handy for them. Company management can also help with obtaining a visa. The same goes for credit. You can vouch for your employees if they draw up a mortgage.

In Summary

As you can see, there are more than enough ways to thank employees if you want to show subordinates appreciation. People can choose the most suitable for them. In each case, it is worth being creative and not focusing on the same things. You can create a postcard and from time to time send it to subordinates, approve an extra day off or surprise in some other way.

Any sincere thanks will have an effect. Many specialists feel they can rely on managers who are genuinely grateful. Such professionals will work harder if they are confident that you care.

So, rewarding and other tricks that the leaders could apply to each member of the team are really important for any business. 


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