Workplace Trends for Better Team Engagement in the New Year

It’s that time again. The beginning of the year and most importantly, the time of year where the workplace trends predictions begin to surface.

Whether you see business, marketing, creative or any other ‘trends’ breach the surface. The trends are coming.

These predictions do however have a place in our world. They serve a purpose. A purpose that allow us to in some way understand the world we’re stepping into from the past year. As the coming year etches further in, we are met with a changing work environment.

Like when Steve Jobs placed computer scientists, animators and executives in the same building at Pixar in the 90’s, we see more and more changes in the way we work. For a multitude of reasons. Perhaps due to the rising number of millennials in and entering the workplace, or the growing decline of the ‘Mad Men’ type Gen Z worker.

Like Bob Dylan said, “Times, they are a changin’”. It had meaning then and it will continue to have meaning well into the future.

We have come up with six workplace trends for 2017 that can enhance employee engagement and do wonders for all aspects of your business. Benefiting employee engagement, office culture, work environment and employee perception of the company.

Trend #1: Work/life integration

One of the workplace trends for 2017 is integrating a greater sense of a work/life balance. Meaning, not emphasising the 8am-5pm work hours. Instead having employees do their work, on their time.

With the help of new technologies, providing flexible office hours has become easier. It allows your employees to continue to get their work done, while living full lives. As the millennial workforce grows, the idea of a job title defining them is in decline. As these individuals want to have both a good job and a good life, the work/life balance becomes more evident.

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Making it clear that employees must complete their workload, employees and employers share power. Working outside of the standard 8am-5pm tag has the capability to revolutionise your office through a high standard of work and life.

Trend #2: Freedom to choose work attire

Gone are the days of the formal business attire. Today employees are looking to work in whatever it is that they’re comfortable in. This goes beyond millennials too. As employees of all ages are looking for a more relaxed work wardrobe.

Due to rises in the home office and increasingly flexible office hours, formal office attire rules have subsided. The trend being, that it’s looking to continue to do so. Benefiting the overall office culture, this makes for a more relaxed office. In turn, a more engaged and comfortable employee.

Trend #3: Workplace mentoring

The idea of the individual being made to learn and fend for themselves against the unknown task is finished. Today, there are more and more employees not only looking for a job, instead looking for a role that they can sink their teeth into and learn from a mentor.

I’m sure these attitudes aren’t new, however they’re nowadays more likely to be taken seriously. Especially among new graduates, mentorship is becoming increasingly important. Allowing for growth under a senior employee, mentorship is rising. All the while, providing both parties with job satisfaction, growth and overall engagement.

Trend #4: Tech tools beyond email

In case you haven’t noticed, tech has been trending for some time now. So it’s no surprise that one of the workplace trends for 2017 has to do with tech. More specifically, communication and project management tools.

Communication tools such as Slack and project management tools such as Trello have changed the business tech world. Allowing a much more progressive way of working, these apps are revolutionising the office. Through a few defining characteristics. Such as being able to work when you’re not at work and being able to stay up to date without long chain emails, have changed offices for the better.

It’s having a positive effect on engagement too. Given that they allow the individual to be in constant communication with peers and clearly organise their work.

Source:, Pexels

Source:, Pexels

Trend #5: Office floor plan

Fostering creativity, team work, information flow and workplace camaraderie, open floor plans make for a positive workplace. Easily adding to the working culture, these floor plans allow for employee and business growth.

Improving communication, the open floor plan produces a team mentality. This then transforms into a greater employee experience. In a comfortable environment, we’re more likely to enjoy work more and in turn creates a higher level of employee engagement.

Trend #6: A fresh desk

The final of our workplace trends for 2017, is providing employees with a new desk. I know what you’re thinking. “A new desk”? Well, yes. A trendy new standing desk that beats out the standard office desk, can actually do a lot.

The health benefits of using a standing desk are polar to those of the sitting. Enhancing movement and allowing for greater blood flow, the standing desk can be a great way to boost employee health and engagement.

In Summary

Workplace trends for 2017 are all the rage at this time of year. However, beyond January, employee engagement is something that’s consistently on the mind on a manager. Because employee engagement was so important in 2016, it’s fair to say that it won’t be going away for 2017.

To make a difference in your office’s engagement levels, there are multiple avenues available. Because employee engagement is so important, you have lots to choose from. Possible, too much. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we’re often bombarded with data and information that is of no use.

That’s why we penned this. To help you with some tips to engage your employees, without the fluff. For this reason, I’m confident that if you use a few of these tips, you’ll see growth. That growth will not only see employee engagement boom, also their personal growth and brand development.

Good luck!

Glenn Symmons

Glenn Symmons