Employee Appreciation That Will Make Your Employees Feel Valued and Needed

Incentives for employees seem to be a big trend these days. Companies do not want to lose their most capable employees, so in order to keep them happy and contented they go to very great lengths to make sure they don’t leave.

We have come up with a few simple tips to help you with employee appreciation and making your employees feel valued at the workplace.

Leaving a Surprise Post-it Note

Everyone loves surprises, well – almost everyone. One of the simplest gestures that will make your employees feel valued is leaving Post-It notes on their desk. Leaving notes such as “Have a great day!” or “Hope you are feeling better today” on your employees ‘desk or computer monitors goes to show that you appreciate them at work.


Photo: JogiBaer2, Flickr

Photo: JogiBaer2, Flickr

Checking in on a Co-Worker

There will be days when your employees are not feeling the greatest and end up taking a day off. Make your employees feel appreciated by dropping them a simple text, checking in and making sure that they are well rested at home.

When managers show compassion and sympathy to employees that have taken ill, employees will realise their presence in the office is important.

Remembering a Little Detail

Another tiny gesture that will make your employees feel valued and needed is when they realise that management remembers tiny little details about their employees.

Simple things like their employee’s favourite food or dessert or the sports they play over the weekend.

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Bringing up their employees‘ little details during any conversation will help ease the tension between an employer and employee and this gives a chance for the team to get to know each other on a personal level.

It may be hard at first when it comes to keeping up with their hobbies and interests. However by doing so can make them feel like a part of the work family and they may be less likely to seek other job opportunities.

Be Intentional with Everyday Conversations

A big part of feeling valued occurs when employees are aware that they add something to the company that no one else can. You can start off by thinking about how you approach everyday conversations with your employees.

The more you recognise your employees’ precise contributions to the team, the more irreplaceable they will feel.

Photo: VFS Digital Design, Flickr

Photo: VFS Digital Design, Flickr

Sharing a Link

Have you had an occasion when you are reading an interesting article and you suddenly thought of an employee who would enjoy the article as well? Why not share that link or that article with them, knowing that they will enjoy it as much as you do.

This is another way of making your employees feel appreciated at work. When they realise that their managers are sharing knowledge and information with them, a trusting relationship is being developed, making the employees feel valued and needed at the workplace.

Recognise Employees as Individuals

When you are planning to show your appreciation for an individual employee, team lunches or company gatherings might not be the most effective. To truly make individual employees feel valued and needed, reward them according to their accomplishments with something that the rest of the team would not necessarily get.

It is important to pay attention and actively look for opportunities to reward all of your employees, so try not to ostracise the rest and certainly you do not want to play favourites. When you recognise individuals, they understand that they really make a difference to you and the company.

Show some PDA: Public Displays of Appreciation

At times, the simplest gestures that will make your employees feel valued and needed would be a “Thank You”, which goes a long way. As a manager, you should start publicly recognising employees who are doing great work.

You can also read our post on the different ways to say thank you to your employees if you need some ideas.

Small Perks = Big Impact

Another employee appreciation gesture that you could practise is by rewarding them when it is due. When it comes to rewarding a job well done, many employers revert to giving their employees small cash bonuses and gift cards.

When you give an employee money, they will be grateful but the feeling is often short lived. However, when you give an employee an experience like dining with the ‘big boys’, you are giving them something they could brag about.

Photo: GotCredit, Flickr

Photo: GotCredit, Flickr

Just Being There

As humans, we do have our bad days when everything is going wrong. So why not take a walk with them and let them pour out their heart and soul (or just what is bothering them!).

Some of your employees may feel uncomfortable at first. However if you practise an ‘open door’ policy and reach out to those who are in need, they will definitely feel the compassionate employer that you are and they will feel appreciated, knowing that you care.

In Summary

Remember, it is the little things that make your employees feel wanted and needed at the workplace, and this will increase the productivity of an employee.

Good luck trying some of these tips!

Heryati R

Heryati R

Heryati is a member of the customer success team at 6Q, and is based in Perth, Western Australia. Heryati enjoys writing, reading and live music. She believes 6Q is awesome for employee engagement surveys.