Measure Team Mood with New Reports, New Dashboard and More


The new look 6Q dashboard and reports are here, with many new features and statistics, to make it even easier for you to measure team mood. Let’s explain these new features, and how to get more from your pulse surveys.

We have been working behind the scenes, taking in advice on what matters most for our customers, and we are now pleased to announce that these features have just gone live to all customers;

  • Overall team mood;
  • Benchmarking;
  • Participation rates;
  • Individual reports;
  • Employee avatars;
  • Simplified dashboard, and;
  • Improved reports.

In this article, I’ll explain what these features mean to you, and how 6Q now gives you even more insight than ever before.

Overall team mood

One of the most important measurements you can get from 6Q is the overall team morale or mood. We are now providing this to you front and center, as an average of total responses. Now there’s one simple figure that gives you a quick executive summary of the overall mood of your team. This same figure can be used to rate segments within your organisation, such as departments or offices.

This team mood score is the averaged score of the responses of all six questions. Given all questions are scaled from least positive (0%) to highest 100%), it makes sense that a combination of these scores will give you an insight figure. Note, however, changing questions will effect the overall mood score.

Team Mood trend chart

Team Mood trend chart


Since launch, we have been measuring the average response for every one of our questions, across all of our customers. We have now included this in all of your reports, so you can gauge your organisation against all other 6Q customers. If there is no benchmark data, due to a low volume of responses for that question, we will display an NA to reflect this. Please be aware that this benchmark applies against all of our customers, regardless of organisation size, industry or location.

New Question Reporting

New Question Reporting

Participation rates

6Q has one of the highest participation rates in all of the employee surveys we have reviewed. This is the result of hard work in ensuring that the surveys are easy to complete for respondents. However, we all know that sometimes employees forget, or are tied up in other tasks and miss the 24 hour window. To reflect this, you are now able to review your employee participation rates in all reports. Find participation is starting to drop? It may be worth reminding your team the importance of responding to your pulse surveys.

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Individual reports

One of the most frequently requested features from our existing customers has been to drill down to an individual level. Our reports still allow you to measure team morale by the whole organisation, or drill down to teams or departments using our segments feature, however now you can get even more detail on an individual level. In the event of anonymous usage, you will still be able to review per individual, however no personal identification is used. This is useful to see if one individual is skewing the overall responses of your poll.

Employee avatars

We have now integrated the world’s most popular avatar system, Gravatar. All employees with an existing Gravatar will automatically have their image assigned to them. It is easy and free to set up a gravatar; see this page for information (ensure they use the same email address as the poll registration for this to work). A default avatar is used in the event that no gravatar can be found.

Team gravatar example

Team gravatar example

Simplified leader dashboard

Our main dashboard has been a focus for us in this update. We have simplified the content down to what really matters, and have removed items that were previously available elsewhere. This will improve your load times, and keep focus on the actual results that matter most.

Improved reports

You will find all of the above details are now available in your web reports, and a simpler summary is now available also in the automatically emailed summaries.

In Summary

We feel that this is our biggest new release to date, and are very excited about how well it will be received. We believe that these new features will provide you with even better tools and insight to measure team mood and morale in your organisation. We encourage you to log in today and have a look around. As always, we welcome your feedback, feature requests and comments.


Miles Burke

Miles Burke

Miles is the founder of 6Q. He is passionate about peer-to-peer recognition, company culture, employee engagement and wants every workplace to be the happiest it can be. Miles is also MD of Bam Creative, an author and public speaker.