Employee Motivation Program to Reduce Turnover in Large Industries

Turnover becomes a global problem reflecting a business drastically. Find out how employers can motivate the staff and diminish turnover in large industries.

At the present stage of management development, the personnel of the enterprise are recognised as the main type of the company’s resources, which creates conditions for its development and competitiveness. At the same time, the key task of management is to regulate the staff turnover process.

Staff turnover: causes and methods of promoting solutions

Running a business according to plan demands numerous efficient efforts which an employer should have. The team of HR professionals should follow many steps in the right direction to achieve the necessary results and make the business profitable.

This article exposes the significant reasons for turnover in large enterprises, suggests effective way-outs and employee motivation ideas for a program to reduce turnover.

Reasons for turnover in large industries

Staff turnover is the general number of employees who want to abandon an enterprise for some reason. High indicators of turnover are a bell for an employer meaning the business has gone down the wrong path. This situation requires an urgent in-depth analysis, starting from the determination of the staff turnover reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

Financial instability within an enterprise. The inability of an employer to provide a stable workflow leads to free vacations and redirecting the interest of employees to more stable organisations with a guaranteed and counterbalanced income;

Absence of career growth. Except for earning money, many workers, especially the young staff, are interested in developing their career path. Canceling this opportunity leads to losing their motivation to progress within a particular organisation, maintaining the position to get some money during the working period;

The negative atmosphere. Stressful relationships, distrust, conflictual situations, and the signs of disrespect kill the desire in workers to attend their workplace;

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The realisation of personal insignificance. The self-esteem level is crucial for each individual. Various punishing measurements or ignorance from the bosses decrease the inspiration level in employers and their desire to put time and strengths into organisation development;

Wrong division of responsibilities. Doing someone’s work is not exciting to anyone from the staff. Misalignment often causes conflictual situations and weak workflow;

Poor communicative machinery. Timely feedback and adequate reaction are essential for a smooth workflow. The absence of these leads to the disengagement of workers.

What are motivational techniques for employees?

If you notice something is going wrong and want to improve the situation as soon as possible, you should consider motivational techniques for staff. This is when the employee motivation program enters the stage. What is an employee motivation program? In most cases, an employee motivation program is a recognition of what people are doing for the company’s growth.

Understanding how to motivate people will help you create a program to reduce turnover, and an efficient workplace, engaging atmosphere, boost the staff’s productivity and encourage specialists to do their best for one common goal. To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of employee motivational ideas which you can practice and notice first improvements almost at once.

Establish smart goals

Planning and establishing goals is a good way to keep your staff inspired and motivated. At the same time, too many large tasks may make them feel confused and overwhelmed. This is when smart goals enter the stage. These goals let the employees fully understand the project tasks and bring them to life quicker.

Coping with every new smart goal will put your company one step closer to realising the big goal. Remember, a smart goal is realistic, specific, trackable, measurable, and, of course, agreed upon.

Share corporate assets

In large factories, as well as in small firms, it is important to make each employee understand how important he is. One way is to share corporate assets, such as manufactured products. Employees can test the products themselves, make sure of their quality, which will increase motivation.

Everyone’s contribution to the product developed by the company will be visible, which in turn gives inspiration and confidence.

VeePN is a good example. This company shares with the employees their main VPN product. All employees can check my IP, unblock the website, hide their geolocation, and many others. Open use of applications and tools by employees increases motivation and desire to work.

Promote transparency

The first point about how to motivate employees is setting smart and clear goals and letting the staff know them. In simple words, every person in your team should know the company’s plans and ambitions. Once people know how you are going, they will better understand their own tasks and responsibilities.

Every employee will recognise himself or herself as a part of one big team. Let everybody feel their own significance while making final decisions. This way, employees will see the whole picture, appreciate your honesty, and stay motivated.

Mind employees’ needs

When the employee sees how you try to meet his/her needs and create a positive working environment, the desire to work better and achieve a great result is forming on a subconscious level. You can use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to understand your staff’s expectations.

For instance, they need access to certain online resources, so teach them to check IP and enjoy digital freedom. Besides basic needs, every person requires respect, recognition, and self-realisation. Satisfying these needs in a professional aspect makes your team stronger and prosperous.

Employee Motivation Program to Reduce Turnover in Large Industries

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Listen to staff’s ideas

Another great tip on how to motivate employees is listening to their ideas. If you want to improve business and pick up a few fresh ideas, then there is nothing better than asking the staff. In the long run, who knows the company better than they? This way, you will not only establish a closer and more trusted relationship but motivate them to invest themselves in business operations.

Use leadership opportunities

Giving some freedom and responsibilities to employees may act as a great motivation for them. Of course, it doesn’t refer to every specialist but only to those who have incredible potential. According to Forbes, the incompetence of established leaders can be another reason for turnover.

Demonstrating your trust towards the right person may keep him/her motivated and willing to contribute to business even more. Keep a positive working atmosphere, award the staff, show your trust, respect, and soon you will notice how your team is motivated.

Cultivate enthusiasm

Recent research showed 26% of employees dread going to work every day due to a toxic culture. It is a well-known fact, both negative and positive attitudes are contagious. Hence it is important to promote an exactly positive workplace culture that will make staff consider the workplace only in a good light.

The best sign for being successful with this rule is a great desire of employees to go to work every day and not feel sad or unsatisfied with their own life.

Positive workplace features such characteristics as:

  • Providing recognition for employees’ hard work;
  • Having modern transparent channels for communication with a private IP address;
  • Promoting a sense of tolerance and unity;
  • Placing focus on development and training.

If you do everything properly with your program to reduce turnover, then even on not good days, the person will enjoy the working environment because it is too positive to be in a bad mood.

Encourage a balance between work and private life

Please remember, work is not everything and remind staff about this. Your company will not achieve great results if the employees are stressed, tired, and exhausted. Skye Learning’s survey discovered, some 40% of staff come across burnout due to lack of personal time. That’s why you should encourage employees to take holiday leave, and rest well.

As a result, they will come back inspired, refreshed, full of new ideas, and ready to work effectively. There is no doubt, separating home and work life is important. Finding a perfect balance between these two irreplaceable sides of a person’s being will allow specialists to have a break and cope with any challenges after returning to a workplace.

Have a champion friendly competition

This is another great option to motivate your team, but only if you place the focus on the word friendly. Make sure all employees got your idea properly. The competition should be fun, engaging, and effective. It is not about making your top performers perform even better.

Instead, you show them how to pull up others around them and build a strong machine for providing excellent results. Mind a few effective tips for having a champion friendly competition:

  • Plan it only around a specific company’s goal;
  • Honour the whole team, not separate employees;
  • Incorporate the system of checks and clear balances.

Schedule one-to-one meetings

Practicing one-to-one sessions between employees and managers will prevent the company from dealing with more serious problems. Moreover, individual meetings will show the staff your care about every specialist and put their needs as the main priority for the overall company’s success.

During such sessions, you can assign an employee with incentives that fully suit them, establish individual goals, and motivate them to work well toward the company goal.

In Summary

Since many companies exist on the market for years or even decades, dealing with a turnover is not fantastic. The market always supposes risks, ups, and downs. A thoroughly worked managing system will start to bring excellent results in a short time.

That’s why analysing the situation and considering the most crucial organisational issues will benefit your future program to reduce turnover. Implementing reducing turnover techniques will make a positive impact on all branches of your business.

As a result, the company’s work is stable, the reputation is excellent, and authority rates between colleagues and rivals make the available vacancies in your company a piece of the pie for a winner in the battle.


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