How to Attract and Engage Millennial Talent to Your Company

We’ve probably all heard the jokes about millennials and laughed ourselves about how annoying they are. Yet, it is this generation who really understand the direction in which the world is headed and that is something that we desperately need to engage with if our organisations are to remain relevant.

They are the only generation who have grown up in a fully technologically advanced society, this is their normal and they will be the ones to dictate the part that technology will play in our lives. In this article, we’ll consider what attracts millennials to a workplace to help you tap into the millennial talent pool.

Social media

When it comes to recruiting millennial employees, you need to really take on board what is important to them. Remember, this is the generation for whom social media is something that has been ever present.

A study by Pew Research Center in 2015 found that usage of all the top social media websites was highest amongst 18-35-year-olds and this is unlikely to have changed. One of the top methods, therefore to reach out to those in this age group is to ensure that you have a strong social media presence.

Carry out some research and find out where those you need to reach tend to visit, whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and then create some thoughtful content to draw them in.

It could be that you create some videos about your organisation and the good work that you do in your community or perhaps you could create some meaningful articles looking at the culture within your company. Remember to provide as much information as you can. This is not a generation who are used to having to perform extensive research to find things out.

Host an event

According to Great Place to Work, millennials who feel that they are at a great workplace are more likely to plan a long-term career with that organisation. This suggests that millennials are looking for something more from an employer than just a good remuneration package and job stability.

They actually want to work for an employer who creates a great atmosphere. If you feel that you already do this, why not show it off to potential recruits through hosting an open house event.

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An open house event involves inviting potential recruits either to your company premises or any other event venues and giving them the opportunity to talk to your staff about the culture within your company. Most events have a short presentation and Q&A session to give recruits the chance to really understand what your culture is about.

Remember, that you will have to work hard to make this event worthwhile for those attending. Many will be coming after work, so there needs to be something really on offer for them. You could perhaps offer prize draws to thank attendees. This is a useful tool to get them through the door and then all you need to do is wow them with the image you create of your organisation.

Look at your rewards packages

Something that you need to bear in mind when hiring millennials is that they don’t tend to look at jobs in the same way that the more traditional employees do. They lived through the recession in the late 2000s and they know that a lot of people lost their jobs during this period.

For that reason, they tend to look at jobs as less permanent. They know that employers can and do reduce their workforce when the economy or sales dictate and so they also tend to have a more self-centred approach to employment.

For this reason, you not only need to work hard when it comes to recruitment but you also need to work out how to engage millennials to ensure that they stay with you. It’s not all about the salary, although ensuring that you are competitive does help.

You need to look at the whole package that you offer. often millennials are motivated by unusual rewards such as the option of working flexible hours or access to a good education programme.

A survey by Office Team found that around 80% of millennials factor in health and wellness programmes when they make a decision about a new role. This just goes to show that if you get the rewards right, the millennials will come.

millennial talent

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Manage your company’s reputation

It just makes sense in this modern era to make maintaining the reputation of your company a priority. We live in a time where any disgruntled customer or ex-employee can post negative comments online.

This can be disastrous, not only for sales but also for recruitment campaigns, especially when it comes to recruiting millennials who really place a high value on the reputation of the business they work for.

Companies need to have a strong social media presence to counteract the negativity that can be present online. Try influencing conversations online so that your company is promoted favourably. You could even get your existing employees involved.

They could add a layer of authenticity to your promotion if they are happy to post positive messages about what working life within your company is like. Of course, you might also need to do some work internally, ensuring that the culture is right so that your employees are happy to sing your praises.

The best tip that you should take into account when trying to recruit millennials is to put yourself into their shoes and think about what they might want from a job. The world of work is a totally different place to when most of us entered the workforce and millennials really are pioneering the way through the unchartered territory.

In Summary

The way that we find jobs is changing, thanks to social media and also the way that we view positions is changing. Many people no longer see a job as a lifetime thing, they now see roles as stepping stones to other things.

If you can give them something a bit extra, whether that’s development opportunities or something different in terms of rewards you just might attract them and encourage them to stay.


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